Increase foot traffic and attract more customers with a well lit business

Give Your Business The Best Look Ever

Give your business the curb appeal and visibility it deserves with our smart lighting systems. Light up your building with a variety of custom colors from a user-friendly smartphone app. Auto set a schedule for a brand of color themes for special or celebratory events. Enhance your brand and make your business stand out.

Increase Foot Traffic

Statistics show that a well-lit-up business is known to attract customers and increase foot traffic. A well-designed outdoor lighting system makes a building stand out and more approachable. It allows potential customers to see your business at a distance and increase customer conversion rate.

Complete lighting packages. Seasonal and year-round pricing available.

Brigthness and Security

A well lit business not only provides curb appeal and attracts potential customers but increases security. Having proper outdoor lighting reduces customer vehicle break in and provide a visible and secure atmosphere to customers.

Design and Style

Let Houston Light Design create the perfect lighting design for your business. Our experts will tailor a design that will meet your style and generate foot traffic that can lead to potential customers.


Bring Your Business to Life

Houston Light Designs is the outdoor lighting solutions provider in the Houston area


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